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  MAT1033C - Intermediate Algebra
Pete Falzone's Online Office   -   Pensacola State College

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Welcome to MAT1033.  Intermediate Algebra is a college level course designed to strengthen your algebraic skills in equation solving, factoring, rational expressions, radicals, graphing and other areas. The skills practiced here are the fundamentals for all the other math courses. Specifically, completing this course will give you a foundation for success in College Algebra and the other "Category III" courses.

Daily Schedule:  A daily schedule that I intend to follow in order to complete the course by the end of the semester.  Sections covered on a particular date as well as test dates may change as needed during the semester, depending on circumstances.

Homework Problems  -  A list of selected problems and worksheets that you are to work out after each section is covered in class.

Student's Solution Manual - Link

MAT1033C Remediation  - Extra Credit   -   Link
Diagnostic Test, Videos, Summary Sheets and Worksheets.
Do the Worksheets for Extra Credit.  Show your work.

Virtual Tutoring
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eLearning / Canvas
Link to eLearning/Canvas - Link
Click on the Courses arrow and select the course: 20171_MAT1033C_Lab.

Directions on How to Login to Canvas - Directions

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