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  MAC1105 - College Algebra
Pete Falzone's Online Office   -   Pensacola State College

Image - Graph of Absolute Value Image - Graph of Parabola Image - Graph of Polynomial

Welcome to MAC1105.  College Algebra is a college level course designed to introduce you to a variety of functions, equations and applications.  It combines an algebraic, graphical, and numerical approach to problem solving, with an emphasis on utilizing your graphing calculator to visualize the concepts.

Daily Schedule
  MWTuTh  - Outlined is a daily schedule that I intend to follow in order to complete the course by the end of the semester.  Sections covered on a particular date as well as test dates may change as needed during the semester, depending on circumstances.

Homework Problems  -  A list of selected problems and worksheets that you are to work out after each section is covered in class.
These are the pages that you must print out for class and homework!
Notes, Handouts & Homework :  Ch 1 & 2Ch 3 & 4
See Handouts for more notes, handouts, worksheets, keys to worksheets, etc.
See Tests for sample tests, keys to the sample tests & sample final exam.
See Notes during class to follow along in class.
Students Solutions to select textbook problems - Students Solutions
Solving Equations and Inequalities Manuals

Image - Graph of Rational Function Image - Graph of Exponential Function Image - Graph of Logistics Function