TI-83 Plus


  MAC1105 - College Algebra
Projects & Extra Credit

Graph a Picture Using Equations & Inequalities

Graph a Picture electronically using the program GRAPH

Graph a Picture - by Hand

What do I expect in your report?
  Cover Page / Title Page
        Student Information
        Insert a Graphic / Picture
  Body of the Report (from the internet or book)
         Information about the topic (1 1/2  to 3 pages).
   Your Comments
        A paragraph, in your own words, about how the topic
        relates to mathematics / what we're doing in class.
  Works cited page
Where did you get your information?


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Watch one of the videos listed or find a math or science related video on TED Talks and write a report on it.  The report should include a brief summary of the video as well as your opinion and comments of the video.

Analyze the Graph

  • Blank Template - This is the blank template used to analyze the functions listed on your Homework handout.  We will also use this template to analyze various functions in class.
  • Example - so you will know how to complete your homework.