MGF1107  -  Liberal Arts Math II
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Arithmetic Study Guide - Courtesy of AIMS Community College - Worksheet
Prep Algebra Study Guide - Courtesy of AIMS Community College - Worksheet
Algebra Study Guide - Courtesy of AIMS Community College - Worksheet
Comprehensive List of Links for ALL Math Courses - Links


Misc. Handouts
Course Required Sections - Outline
Chapter 4   Number Representation and Calculation
  Non-Positional Value System (Coins) - Notes
Babylonian Number System - Notes
Mayan Number System - Notes
Base Five and Base Eight Addition/Multiplication Tables - Note:  1 page2 pages
Ancient Number Systems Summary - Notes
Chapter 5
  Number Theory & the Real Number System
The Number System - Notes
Tests for Divisibility - Notes
Signed Numbers Rules - Class Handout
Signed Numbers & Order of Operations 1 - WorksheetKey
Wind Chill Chart - Link
Properties of the Real Numbers - Notes
Chapter 8
  Consumer Mathematics and Financial Management
Consumer Price Index (CPI) - Table
Financial Formulas:  CPI, Markup & Margin, Salary Deductions - Formulas
Financial Formulas:  Simple & Compound Interest, Annuities, Amortization - Formulas
Mortgage Worksheet - Homework
Misc: Phone Number Trick - Extra Credit
Chapter 13
  Mathematical Systems
12 Hr. Clock Addition - MOD 12 System - Table
Properties of a Group - Notes
Chapter 14   Voting and Apportionment
Summary of Voting Method - Notes
Plurality Method Table 14.2 - Worksheet
Borda Count Method Table 14.2 - Worksheet
Plurality with Elimination Method Table 14.2 - Worksheet
Pairwise Comparison Method - Worksheet
Fairness Criteria - Notes
The Electoral College - Notes
Apportionment of Electoral Votes - Notes
The Electoral College and Apportionment Worksheet - Worksheet
Electoral Votes for all U.S. States - Census 2000 - Notes
Electoral Votes for all U.S. States  1900-2000 - Notes
Summary of Four Apportionment Methods - Notes
Section 14.3 CheckPoint Exercises - Worksheet
Flaws of Apportionment Methods - Notes
History of Apportionment Methods - Notes
The Huntington-Hill Apportionment Method - Notes
Buses - Apportionment using modified divisors - Excel
Chapter 15   Graph Theory