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Using the TI-83 Plus & TI-84 Graphing Calculator – Basic Directions

Turn calculator On & Off, Adjusting contrast, Recall entry, Subtraction vs Negative number, Delete & Insert entries, Fractions, Radicals, Exponents, Absolute Value.


Troubleshooting the TI-83/84 Graphing Calculator

Choosing Quit or Goto, the Minus key vs. the Change Sign key, Using parentheses, Problems with the Window Range, Xres, Problems with Tables: Missing y-values, Can't delete x-values from the table.


TI-83/84 Troubleshooting (Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems)

Error Messages: Syntax, Window Range, Dim Mismatch, Invalid Dim.  List Troubles: I've lost a list from the STAT EDIT screen, I can't clear the numbers from a list, I left out a number from my list.  Graphing Troubles: My screen is blank, except maybe for the axes and the grid, My screen is covered with horizontal or vertical lines, My screen is completely dark, every pixel filled in, There are no tick marks on my graph, An extra line or curve appears on my graph, I can't graph more than one equation at a time, My normal distribution from SHADENORM looks wrong. 

Other Troubles: My screen is too light or too dark, Where's the correlation coefficient?


TI-83/84/89/92 Procedures and Help

Help and procedures for Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Statistics.


Using the Graphing Calculator to Solve Equations

Method 1: Using the Intersection of 2 Graphs,  Method 2: Using the x-intercept(s) of a Graph.


Scatter Diagrams and Curve Fitting

Example and Directions to Create a Scatter Diagram and Find a Line of Best Fit (Linear Regression)



Using your Graphing Calculator to Solve Systems of Linear Equations

Augmented Matrix, Format the Matrix, Enter Entries, Transform the Matrix to Reduced Row Echelon Form, Interpret the Matrix, and State the Solutions.





TI-83 Support at Howard Community College

TI-83 HELP Contents

Simple graphing, DIM MISMATCH, INVALID DIM errors, Common Menus,

Clear Entry, Insert character, Home screen, Darken/lighten, Using previous answer, Turning it OFF, Turning Graphs on and off, Zoom, Fixing Window size, Tables, Re-display a line, Scientific Notation, Fractions, Evaluating an expression, Drawing vertical lines, Plotting Points, Absolute values, Powers and roots, Pi, i, and e, Inequalities, Graphing piecewise functions, Max/min points, x-Intercepts, Intersection of two graphs, Statistics basics, Regression formulas, Graphing regression equations, Linking to another calculator, Sequences and Series.



Basic TI-83 Plus Tutorial

Prepared for Math Link Participants By Tony Peressini and Rick Meyer

Table of Contents

Keyboard Sections, Key Functions, On-Off Trouble, Screen Contrast, The Home Screen, Changing Angle Measurement, Numerical Calculations, A Common Mistake, Correcting a Formula, Keying in Functions, The Function Screen, Graphing a Function, The Graph, Window Screen, A Graphing Exercise, Using the ZOOM key, Using the TRACE key, Zeroing-In on Interesting Points, Zeroing-In (continued), Selecting Functions for Graphing, Graphing Selected Functions, Polar Functions, Parametric Functions, Making Tables of Values, Modifying Tables.



Prentice Hall - Graphing Calculator Help


A: absolute value, angles, anova, B: basic calculations, best fit cubic equation, best fit exponential equation, best fit linear equation, best fit logarithmic equation , best fit power equation, best fit quadratic equation, best fit quartic equation, binary operations, binomial probability distribution, Boolean operators, C: calculate menu, calculate-statistics, catalog, clear list, combinations, complex numbers, correlation, counting principle & probability, cubic regression, cursor keys, D: data set entry, data set plot, decimal places, degree mode, derivative (numerical), diagnostics on, dot mode, draw tangent, dy/dx command, E: entering data and plotting graphs, evaluate a function, edit list, edit statistics, equal sign, equation editor, exponents, exponential distribution function, exponential regression, F: factorial, frequency distributions, plots, printouts, f-tests, function, function mode, G: graph option, greatest integer function, H: Helpful Hints, Hypothesis Testing (One Sample Z-tests), Hypothesis Testing (One Tailed T-tests), I: inequality symbols, inferences about two populations (two sample z-interval), inferences about two populations (two sample t-interval), integral of f(x)dx, integration (numerical), intersect option, interval estimation of a population proportion, J:, K:, L: linear regression, list-clear, list editor, logarithmic regression , logarithms, M: matrices, maximum (numerical), maximum option, median-median line, menus, minimum (numerical), minimum option, mode menu, N: negative exponents, negative sign, normal distribution, normal probability plot, number menu, O: order of operations, P: parametric mode, permutations, piecewise function, plot a data set, plots on, plot off, polar mode, POISSON Probability Distribution , power regression, powers, probability menu, p-values for Contingency Tables, Q: quadratic regression, quartic regression, R: radian mode, rational exponents, regression, regression (example 2), relative maximum of a function, relative minimum of a function, roots of a function, root of a number, S: scatter plot, scientific notation, sequences, set factors, simple random samples, sine, square root, squaring, standard normal distribution, standard window option, statistics calculation menu, statistics edit menu, statistics plot menu, T: table, table set-up, tangent line, t Š confidence interval , test menu, trace option, trigonometric functions, two proportion population test , two sample t-test, two sample z-test, U: unary operations, V: value option, W: window set-up, X: x intercept of a graph, Y: ` y = key, Z: z - confidence interval , zero option, zero of a function, zoom box option, zoom factors, zoom menu, zoom in option, zoom memory menu, zoom out option, zoom statistics option, z-score.



©2005 Dr. Scott McDaniel - Middle Tennessee State University


TI-83 Help Video Tutorials

Plot points, Create table 1, Create table 2 (Auto) Small LargeCreate table 3 (Ask), Viewing Window, Standard viewing window (Zoom 6), Solving equations Grapically, Solving inequalities Graphically, Make a line plot, Given equations, find values graphically, Domain and Range using TI-83, Plot points and line of best fit (Linear Regression), Inequalities in a plane, System of inequalities in a plane, Absolute value equality, Absolute value inequality (less than), Absolute value inequality (greater than).



TI-83 Help Written Tutorials - 58 pages

Table of Contents

I Basics: Expressing answers as fractions (Frac), Scientific Notation, II Tables: Using the “ask” feature, Auto table, III Graphing Basics: Graphing Linear Functions, Graphing Quadratic Functions, Graphing Cubic Functions, Evaluating functions graphically, Graphing Exponential Functions, Graphing Inequalities, IV Windows and Zooming: Setting Standard Viewing window, Setting the window manually, Using ZBox, V Graphing Advanced: How to locate a point of intersection, Finding Zeros, Finding Minimums and Maximums, Shading Systems of inequalities, Graphing Piece-wise defined functions, VI. Statistics and Probability: Scatterplot, Linear Regression, Non-linear Regression, Factorials, Combinations, Permutations, VII. Matices: Reduced Row Echelon form (rref), Matrix Arithmetic, Inverse Matrix, Solving a linear system with an inverse matrix, Determinants, VIII. Finance: TVM solver.





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